About Me

MMBS, MD, OBGY fellowship in Gynecologic Oncology from Christian Medical College, Vellore with extensive trainings of open and laparoscopic surgical techniques

Field of Expertise

  • Holistic management of Gynecological malignancies to achieve the best results for patients.
  • Comprehensive treatment of cervical, ovarian, endometrial, vulval cancers, all gynecological cancer in  GTN ( Gestational trophoblastic neoplasm)
  • Cytoreductive surgeries in Ovarian Cancers with complete resection & HIPEC (Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy)


  • I would definitely recommend Dr. Mona Shah because she catches the symptoms and diagnoses you accordingly. She is the best gynecologic oncologist.
  • I'm extremely thankful to Dr. Mona shah for her excellent care and expertise. I will just say the most recommended gynecologic cancer specialist in Ahmedabad.
  • Dr. Mona Shah is really serving society. My personal experience is excellent. I came with a lot of doubts and uncertainty due to Cancer but after meeting Dr. Mona Shah I gained my confidence and got operated successfully.